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Raju Dangal.

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Raju Dangal
Raju Dangal is a Nepali Rock and playback Pop singer. Having lent his voice to popular numbers like the title song of Timi Bina Yo Jiban, Juneli Rat Maa, Udi Janey Mayalu, and Sri Sri Hawa from Alone Album, Raju has sung for 18 Nepali Pop, Rock & melodious songs both in duets and solos. His Rock Songs "A mori kaali" is considered one of the best song of his career.

Full Bio
Raju Dangal was born from Shikhar Nath Dangal and Sita Devi Dangal in 1991. He sang a bhajan Ayeka Hami Hari Name Japna. In 2007,. It was then he realized that he could truly aim to becoming a professional singer. He did many stage shows, and first noticed by the song “Alone”, a remake of original Nepali hits. His vocal scale, projection and pronunciation in the songs of Yatra received accolades even from music critics. His dulcet voice in the remake of songs like, Me Alone and Yatra remained at the top of the chart for many weeks in different countdowns. The song Timi Bina You Jiban from the Album Alone became his career launcher in Nepali silver screen.

Raju Dangal

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